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World Music

Always interested in new and unusual music forms Robin has been and is involved in a number of world music projects which fuse different styles and cultures. 


  • Tribal Beatz - In 2006, Robin co wrote and co produced Tribal Beatz, a fusion of traditional rhythms and percussion from around Africa, and the talents of some top modern day African musicians and singers.

    The album was a collaboration with Barry van Zyl. Barry, a South African musically trained in Los Angeles, is the drummer for Johnny Clegg, and has appeared on projects as diverse as the 2005 Black album, Between Two Churches; the soundtrack for the 2006 Oscar winning film Tsotsi, and a Grammy Award nominated Ladysmith Black Mambazo album. His performance and/or recording credits include the likes of Mick Hucknal, Ernest Ranglin and the Hothouse Flowers, while the recent Johnny Clegg world tour saw performances with Peter Gabriel, Brian May, Robert Plant, Jimmy Buffett and Lenny Kravitz.

    The tracks employ the talents of some of the band members and singers who back Johnny Clegg. Johnny Clegg, known in Europe as the White Zulu, is famed around the world for his Zulu-oriented brand of music, along with his deep appreciation of Zulu culture. Artists appearing on this album include the band's award winning bass guitarist Concord Nkabinde, guitarist and Musical Director Andy Innes, renowned female singer Mandisa Dlanga, and male Zulu singers Victor (Sipho) Nxumalo and Bongani Masuku. The tracks also feature another up-and-coming South African London based bass player, YoYo Buys, and top South African percussionist Godfrey Mgcina. YoYo also plays the Chapman Stick, a western invention with a beautiful sound which complements the African instrumentation on some tracks. Some tracks feature famed Malawian guitarist George Phiri, who tragically passed away shortly after these recordings. Barry van Zyl plays drums and/or percussion on the tracks, while Robin is responsible for the vocal and instrumental arrangements, and provides keyboards and a number of traditional and exotic African instruments.
    One track was contributed by Johnny Clegg himself, Sihamba Nawe - 'We Walk With You'.

    The heart of the tracks is the drum and percussion feel, which portrays the energy and pulse of tribal rhythms. These range from Goema rhythms born in the South African Cape, through Congo rumba feels, maskande (South African guitar) offbeat rhythms, unusual West African feels, to other patterns from around Africa.

    Utilising these rhythms as a bed, additional parts include various types of African vocals, pulsating bass lines, ethnic guitar feels, and moody use of ethnic instruments and percussion. Authentic tribal instruments have been added, from bells to kalimbas and tuned drums, while other parts create different grooves, and panoramic, ancestral and evocative moods.

    Lyrics used are created sounds, built around authentic and traditional concepts and words, and are a tribute to the cultures and peoples from where the rhythmic ideas originate.

    Released on ARC Music, Tribal Beatz has received widespread acclaim.


  • Oracle, a fusion of ancient traditional African chants and instruments with western dance styles. Released by Virgin records.
    A Clear Music / Phat Kat Record / 
    Emi Music Project
  • A number of other releases combining dance and ethnic styles, including co written tracks from the award winning South African album by DJ Christos, Spiritual Journey.
  • An epic work, The African Symphony, is in production.
  • Mood Afrika - This experimental project, a fusion of traditional and modern African music, is available from Afrodesia. Tracks include Limpopo Journey - evoking the pulse and energy of a vast African waterway; Bush Symphony - elements of bush life coming together; African Flame - the flame of hope for the future that burns in Africa; The Harvest about celebration and abundance; Stickfighter (Ichaba) - the trials of learning to be an adult; Dusty Road Jive - township, urban, and being happy despite hardship; Sangoma - concerning the para normal abilities of the sangoma, the ancestors, with the depth of tradition; Thula Ntwana (a lullaby - this means 'hush my young prince'); The Long Night Ends and The Dhow evoking the sea off the African coast, the strong currents, Zanzibar.

The Bushman Music Project: a fusion of traditional African
bushman chants and contemporary music

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