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Robin Hogarth is trained in many skills in addition to his music career, including communication, business success, the application of these skills in all art forms, and motivational methods. He has been presenting workshops at many different levels for over 20 years.

These include international workshops for artists established and new, corporate workshops, and community and educational workshops in South African townships on topics as varied as human rights, study technology, communication, stage manners, management skills and motivation, creating art that talks, and how to perform to an audience. Attendees have ranged from teachers, artists upcoming and established (music, fine arts, all genres of art), and corporate executives, to school pupils primary and secondary.

Workshops have included materials from the Way To Happiness Foundation, Youth for Human Rights and Drug-Free World as noted below. Where appropriate, professional artists in various art forms have assisted with the workshops. Robin has become known for his unique workshop style. His workshops are presented in a very upbeat manner, with emphasis on hands on application.

Robin works with various non-profit organizations, click to find more details.
  – Human Rights
  – Drugfree World
  – The Way To Happiness



Workshops have varied lengths: from an afternoon, to a week – or over a period of time – depending on requirements. They are tailored to fulfil specified needs, depending on what is required. For corporate areas, these can range from motivation, communication skills, public speaking, to producing artistic products not only for artists, but also for marketing, advertising and presentation at all levels. Workshops for artists of all genres have been aimed at helping artists succeed in what they are doing. Workshops to school pupils, secondary and primary, have been designed to get youngsters interested in art, communication skills relative to this, protection of the environment and relative human rights, and specific artistic skills. The effectiveness of the workshops in community upliftment has been well documented. What follows is a representative sample of activity.



This is an annual week-long festival based in the UK, with attendees from up to 20 countries. Robin has run workshops for the Festival since 1996. These have been for upcoming and established musicians and artists, for senior students, and children – topics ranging from how to write music for film and TV, how to create art, how to succeed as an artist, and other topics ranging from rhythm to the role of the artist in the community.

Saint Hill International Arts Festival Website


Artists For A Better World International (AFABW Int)

Artists For A Better World International (AFABW Int) is dedicated to building a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world through aesthetics and is open to artists and art enthusiasts of all nationalities, creeds, races, cultures, and religions. Over many years Robin has worked with the President, George Alger, on various humanitarian art projects.

–Artists For A Better World Website



Apart from numerous workshops under the banner of Artists for Human Rights International in Southern Africa, Robin has run YFHR workshops, covering also the role of the artist, in the USA: Chicago, Washington DC, Raleigh North Carolina and Los Angeles.



Peermont is corporate leisure and entertainment group in South Africa. In 2010 Robin was asked to help put together an Arts Festival for the seven secondary schools sponsored by the Peermont Schools Support Programme (PSSP). Workshops have been done annually to reach the participants in the Festival, and give them professional tools to improve performance and improve life skills. Around 1200 students have gone through this programme.


“… it was a once in a lifetime experience.”
“I loved when they taught us how to communicate with your audience. IT WAS GREAT!!!”
“Today was very exciting and an eye opening experience.”
“I enjoyed it very much because it showed me that I can do anything I set my mind on.”
“I have enjoyed each and every moment…”


Schools Support Programme

South African children to India:

After doing another series of workshops in Peermont sponsored schools to over 350 senior students, Robin in 2011 took 8 chosen children to India sponsored by Peermont, for three weeks in order to put together and record and rehearse for a concert performance and give the children international experience. Workshops and community activities were also done in India.

Quotes from the African children who went:



” O my word! I am a celebrity! Every day at the studio, there is someone taking pictures or interviewing us.… I couldn’t have wished for a better experience!”

” My trip to India has been spectacular…. The fact that we visited one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and have seen poverty as well, has changed me completely.… I have loved every moment.”


Kagiso Mall Workshops

Workshops for South African company Old Mutual – Kagiso Mall – on behalf of Art Afrique.

Art Afrique Art Gallery & Consultants are an international art consulting company with a head office based in South Africa. They source Art from Africa with a world flavor, and have since expanded into an international art consulting group with knowledge of both local and international art.

Old Mutual is a large South African company. A total of nine workshops were done in six schools, to 306 attendees. The workshops covered the role of art, communication skills, and how to produce an artistic work. Some feedback from pupils:


“… I really enjoyed it”

“Wow! It was very interesting, educating and very fun. It is totally different from what I expected.
It was unique and not cliché!”

“This was the happiest day in my life”

 “It was good, perfect and fantastic…”

“It was the best day ever”


Urban Brew – TV Production Workshop

In May 2014, Robin ran a workshop for the 12 finalists on Yo TV, on elements to do with presenting on TV (confidence, live on air, communicating with the audience, and more). 


“This was such a wonderful experience. I learnt so much about what it takes to be a presenter….
this was a fantomarv experience”

“I enjoyed presenting…. It was very exciting”

“I’ve learnt how to be able to work with people I don’t know….”

“It was a nice workshop and I really enjoyed it. It had a nice message and it was really educational”

“Today I learnt that you can do anything that you want to achieve…”

“I learned…to be confident on camera and it was such an amazing workshop”

“I learned to be confident with people…”


Matubatuba Kwazulu Natal 2014 Workshop

Robin ran a series of workshops to involve the community in the art for a new Mall, and to give back to the community in terms of skills.

Workshops done as part of an Art Afrique creative project.



“I really enjoyed doing Art today…”

“I am very happy…”

“I really had a good time learning art….the work was wonderful”

“…art is very fun and creative”

 “…art is everything around you that you can create….I really enjoyed today…”

“It was my wonderful day today”

“I have seen much and learnt a lot”


Tsumeb –

NAMIBIA Workshop

Workshops done as part of an Art Afrique creative project.


From a teacher: “This is really fun, interesting and informative…. I just wish we could have more opportunities like this”

“I really loved it, thank you very much with respect and love”

“… it was very fun and I was like laughing the (whole) day”

“I had so much fun!!! I mean it!!!”

“I am very happy…. Love you…”

“… very very good…I did not know that art is fun. I was very happy”

“I had so much fun…”

“just amazing…”


Soshanguve – Botshilo Hospital Workshops

Robin ran a series of workshops to involve the community in art for the Botshilo Hospital. Six community workshops were produced with local schools.

Workshops done as part of an Art Afrique creative project.

With similar workshops being run in Taung (Eris), Tonga (Eris), as well as other corporates and schools, the message is – no matter who you are in the arts and in music, you can reach that star high goal!


“It was really super fun and so much more than I expected. I loved it all”

“… I hope one day I’ll (be) an artist for our own rights!!! And you guys inspire me”

“I’ve never had so much fun for a while and I never knew art would make me happy”

“Thank you for a wonderful day!!!”



Mayors Office in Pretoria

A massive mosaic was done for the Mayors Office in Tshwane. The mosaic was done in parallel with community workshops and courses, which involved paroled capital offenders. Not one negative incident occurred, and parolees were taught skills by professional artists, which they could use in their future careers.

The workshops and community action was an initiative of Art Afrique.


Dorp Straat Shopping Centre

Dorp straat Shopping Centre in Queenswood. Community workshops held at 3 schools in the area. Ceramic workshops.

Workshops done as part of an Art Afrique creative project.


Whale Coast Mall & Dorp Straat Community 

Workshops done at 3 local schools signage mosaics for the bathrooms.

Workshops done as part of an Art Afrique creative project.


Children of Agape

Gondwana Dawn

The Road to the Grammys

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