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With a musical career spanning over 40 years, Robin Hogarth has composed and or produced music in a variety of other musical genres.

Beginning with folk and pop music in the late Sixties, he performed and wrote for a number of bands having chart success on several occasions.

Since that time, projects have ranged from international dance albums to fusions of different music styles.


  • Lullaby in Rain/Sarah Jane – Maximillian King Trio – Parlophone label (hit parade)
  • Indigo/I’m in the Blue – Maximillian King Trio – Parlophone label
  • Don’t Cry Janie Blue/You Could be Right – Humphrey – Parlophone label
  • Listen My Love/City Lights – Humphrey – Zodiac (hit parade)
  • Jeanine – Albatross – Explosion label (hit parade)
  • Lady Day/Don’t Worry – Albatross – Rap label


  • Humphrey – Humphrey – IRC
  • Judy Page – Judy Page – Composer 1 track
  • Lisa Robin – Lisa Robin – SABC (composer 2 tracks)
  • Don Stanton – Don Stanton – CBS (composer 1 track)
  • People Like Us – (UK and Japan) People Like Us Skratch (co-composed and produced 4 tracks)
  • Sony World Map: Africa Section – Levin/Hogarth – Sony US

The Humphrey album is being re-released on vinyl by “Notes On A Journey: Berlin, Germany.”

In the 1970’s, Robin wrote a childrens’ song called The Mumbleybone Song (Symie Forsythne). Over the years Lisa Hogarth has created a whole series of childrens’ stories based on this, the first of which, “Symie Forsythne goes to Mumbleyboneland”, has been released as a book and CD. Narrated by Lisa’s husband Roger Munns, and with songs written by Robin, Lisa and Robbie Kallenbach, and artwork by Carol Walker, this was released on Amazon in 2019.

A Great-grandfather tells a story to the little boy Symie Forsythne, with his little red petal, which takes him on a magical journey over the rainbow to a land full of funniful people called The Mumbleybones.


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