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Robin Hogarth began writing music for film in 1972 (initially for two feature films – now for a much larger catalog), and subsequently started writing music for TV. He has written and produced the theme and incidental music for numerous South African TV series, and made-for-TV films.

These productions received local and international recognition (South African awards, as well as a New York Film Festival award) with genres ranging from comedies to action thrillers, historical drama to modern dramas, covering a panorama of different musical styles.

Later film and TV music productions followed, from Anglia Survival to albums for film and television, now used all over the world – from Japan to Sweden, Korea to the USA.

Albums written and produced with multiple award-winning film, theatre, television soundtrack composer, songwriter and musician,
Neill Solomon

South Africa Traditional

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South Africa Documentary

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“KPM Representation in Africa: Dave Penhale / Creative Manager Sony/ATV Music Publishing | EMI Music Publishing

Composer/arranger and producer


  • 1989 Technology 2000 – R. Hogarth Library Bruton
  • 1998 Colours of South Africa (double CD) – R. Hogarth KPM/EMI
  • 1999 Music House: Southern Africa – R. Hogarth Music House/ EMI
  • 2003 Native America – R. Hogarth/ DeCicco Music House/EMI
  • 2005 Kwaito Moods 1 – R. Hogarth/ P Stathoussis Zebra Music
  • 2005 Spirit of Africa (double CD) – R. Hogarth Zebra Music KPM/EMI
  • 2007 World Beatz – R Hogarth/B van Zyl Zebra Music KPM/EMI

Composer and producer:

Film scores

  • Africa – Zebra Films (co written with R. Kallenbach)
  • Touch the Sky – Ron Shanin (co written with R. Kallenbach)
  • Dance of Death – Focus Films
  • Woman’s Dance (video) – CK Productions

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Composer and Producer:

TV Scores

  • Lourenco Marques (Maputo) documentary: various pieces (co written with R. Kallenbach).
  • Undenzane Melwane (‘What Are You Doing To Me?) – 13 part sitcom – SABC
  • Inkom’edla Yodwa (Running Free) – 13 part drama – SABC
  • Uyesu Uyandithanda (Jesus Loves Me) TV film: New York Film Festival runner up – SABC/Bateleur
  • Kgweetsa (Full Circle) 13 part drama – Bateleur Films
  • Di Sa Kopeneng (Reunion) 13 part drama – 7th St Productions
  • Di Na Le Baji (Letlaka) Nominated for Artes award 13 part drama – Bateleur Films
  • Mohlolohadi (The Widow) 13 part drama – 7th St Productions
  • The Gift TV film SABC. Screened Canada 1996 – Bateleur Films
  • Bagotywa Bebatsha (Stock Exchange) 13 part drama – 7th St Productions
  • Mmalonya II 13 part drama – Bateleur Films
  • Crime Reporter Nominated for Artes Award 18 part action/drama – Bateleur Films
  • Widow 2 13 part – 7th St Productions
  • Africa PI 13 part action/drama – Bateleur Films
  • Young Vision (As Long As It’s Legal) 13 part action series – Bateleur Films
  • Dark Angels 2 part TV film/Xmas – Bateleur Films
  • Old Grand Hotel 13 part sitcom series – Bhuba Productions
  • Black Jack – High Stakes Wildlife documentary – Survival Anglia
  • Condor, Coyote and Canyon Wildlife documentary – Survival Anglia



  • HARPO Productions (Oprah Winfrey)
  • United Nations campaign ‘Unsung Heroes’
  • ITV UK (commercials and other)
  • Sky, Sports, Premiere, Cinema, Gold (UK)
  • BBC TV1
  • BBC TV2
  • Channel 4 UK
  • Channel 5 UK
  • Independent Local Radio UK (various)
  • All Africa Games 1999 (various)
  • SABC2
  • Getaway
  • TV Public Service (various)
  • TV Series “Suburban Bliss”, “Blood Knot”
  • Mr. South Africa-TV
  • South African Airways In-Flight “African Journey”
  • E-TV South Africa, Tabloid
  • National Geographic TV
  • Japan: EColours of South Africa Part 1-02 Street Party (a)cho Communications
  • France: 02 FHM
  • USA: ABC, Frasier and Huff, Robert Boress, Bose
  • Sweden: 3MAMX
  • Additional TV and Film use in Ireland, Greece, Australia, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, France, South East Asia, Israel, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Netherlands, Zimbabwe.

The Colours of South Africa

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Southern Africa

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Native America

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World Beatz 1 and 2

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Kwaito Moods Vol 1

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